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Falangists give fascist salutes as they pay homage to Primo de Rivera in Madrid

WITH THEIR arms raised in fascist salutes, around 200 people paid homage on Saturday to the founder of Spain’s Falange party, Jose Antonio Primo...

Highway to hell: The tragic story of how thousands of people were slaughtered by Franco’s forces as they fled...

IN one of Spain’s darkest chapters, thousands of civilians were massacred whilst fleeing from Malaga to Almeria in what has been dubbed ‘southern Spain’s...

New neo-Nazi group identified in Valencia as hate crime spirals throughout Spain

POLICE are currently investigating the arrival of a new neo-Nazi group in Valencia city. Known as Bastion Frontal and originating from Madrid, the group is...

STOP FASCISM: Two participants in far-right march in Spain’s Valencia become the first to be fined for displaying Franco...

Glorifying fascism is a very serious offence punished with fines of between €2,000 and €10,000.

OPINION: Put your mask on, it’s not too much to ask – and for god’s sake it is NOT...

I must have missed the political prisoners being rounded up on the streets of Marbs while I enjoyed my tapas this afternoon

Feminist protesters bare their chests at neo-fascists commemorating Franco’s death in Spain’s Madrid.

The women had the slogans ‘neither honour or glory in fascism’ written on their torsos and ‘stop 20-n' on their backs

WATCH: Topless female protestors in Madrid kicked and punched by Franco supporters

Bare-breasted Femen activists, who had the slogan 'Legal Fascism, National Shame' painted across their chests, stormed Franco remembrance rally

Police foil Franco supporter’s plot to assassinate Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

The 63-year-old painted himself as a martyr, writing in the WhatsApp group, 'I am willing to sacrifice myself for Spain'

Elderly doctor to stand trial for snatching children in Spain’s ‘stolen babies’ scandal

The former gynaecologist will become the first person to stand trial for the scandal that has cast a dark shadow over Spain for decades

Spanish Civil War colour documentary airs tonight

THE SHOCKING realities of the Spanish Civil War will be laid bare  in a new colour TV documentary. British historian Antony Beever's Divided Spain: The Civil...
International Brigade

No pasaran

After the death of Britain’s last Spanish Civil War hero David Lomon, Mason Jones looks at the incredible bravery and sacrifice the men of the rag-taggle army of the International Brigades made coming to fight Franco in Spain

Far-right supporters honour Franco following disappointing election result for Catalan independence

Spanish government the only real winner in Catalan elections while Fascism rears its ugly head in Madrid

Leading Hispanist criticises new book on Spanish Civil War

Paul Preston described David Haycock's book as 'totally wrong'

International Brigade heroes visit Madrid

Four veterans who helped fight facism as young adults are visiting Spain

The writing was on the wall

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke recalls his visit to witness the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago and what the implications would be on both his life and his belief in a united Europe




WATCH: The Costa del Sol courts the German youth with ‘Shout My Name’ slogan at the Berlin International Travel...

THE Costa del Sol is aiming to entice the German ‘Gen-Z’ crowd to its shores this summer with a new slogan that has gone...


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