POLICE are currently investigating the arrival of a new neo-Nazi group in Valencia city.

Known as Bastion Frontal and originating from Madrid, the group is currently recruiting members in Valencia and surrounding areas.

Their official presentation took place in Ruzafa on July 10, when they openly declared their hatred for homosexuals, Jews, immigrants and other sectors of society that are the usual target of these types of gangs.

The National and Local Police forces were alerted by support groups of the aforementioned collectives and by local business owners and residents, who expressed their concern about the arrival of yet another far-right group in the area that is already home to the political parties España 2000 and Democracia Nacional.

Anti-fascist march (Photo by Cordon Press)
Anti-fascist march (Photo by Cordon Press)

Self-identified as ‘combative nationalist youth’, Bastion Frontal’s stated aims are reportedly to revert the ‘Catalanisation’ of Valencia, remove the Compromis and CUP political parties, and transform October 9 – the popular festivity celebrating Valencian culture – into a ‘day of pride for Valencia and Spain’, among others.

Their arrival coincides with a spike in homophobic attacks in the capital following the murder of Samuel Luiz in Galicia, proving to the police that ‘hate speech has a very serious effect’ on daily life.

Although still small in numbers and having no set base – the ‘presentation’ took place in a building rented for a few hours – it remains to be seen how much of a threat the group will really pose in the area, as near identical groups frequently pop up and disappear again just as quickly.

However, the presence of far-right party Vox in the national government and their influence on public debate is a very real cause for concern, as hate speech and attacks on vulnerable sectors of society are becoming increasingly common.


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