‘IT’S the return of fascist Spain!’ cries a British resident on Facebook after learning they will have to wear a mask at all times from Wednesday. 

Yes… many have really said that. 

Brits who have the right to live, work and retire here and use one of the best health systems in the world for free, branding the country fascist at the slightest inconvenience. 

I must have missed the political prisoners being rounded up on the streets of Marbs while I enjoyed my tapas this afternoon. 

I didn’t see women or gay rights activists being tortured or executed either, as was the norm in Spain, thanks to Franco’s brutal regime, until the latter end of the 20th century. 

To cry ‘fascism’ at the mildest annoyance, which is designed to protect YOU and your loved ones from a deadly pandemic, is beyond ignorant – let alone offensive to those who actually suffered through Spain’s dark history. 

Ironically, it appears to be the older generations most angered by this latest requirement.

Not all of course, but a particular breed… the same who jump at the chance to label young people ‘snowflakes’, yet they are the ones crying ‘fascists’ and spitting fire after being asked to protect themselves with a face mask during an ongoing disease outbreak.

Asking people to wear the protective gear while walking to and from a bar, along the beach or to a restaurant – which is essentially what the new rules demand – is not too much to ask. 

It is not impossible to breathe – just ask your everyday surgeon who spends hours covered in surgical masks in the operating theatre, and has done for years. 

Nurses on COVID-19 wards wear a whole host of masks, goggles and face screens for hours and hours each day. 

If you really can’t breathe due to a medical condition, get an exemption letter or find a mask you are comfortable using. 

Lest we forget the economic catastrophe the first wave of COVID-19 brought to Spain, not to mention the almost 30,000 dead. 

That latter figure could double or triple if or when the dreaded second wave hits in the autumn or winter and we have not done the most to protect ourselves. 

Wearing a mask should be a show of solidarity and respect to your neighbours and the heroic medical teams who have been working to beat this virus for months. 

We know that an interaction between two people wearing masks reduces the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to as low as 1%. 

You may feel fine, but you could be carrying the virus asymptomatically, meaning wearing your mask will stop you infecting others. 

If you don’t have the virus, it goes without saying a mask will help protect you from catching it from others. 

No, it’s not proven to be full proof, but it helps protect you, your loved ones, and the beautiful place we call home at large. 

So mask up and get on with it!


  1. As someone in the US and moving to Spain later this year, I can tell you that mandating masks is NOT fascism. We have been inside since March in Florida–going on 5 months! This is because of the people who refuse to wear masks or SD. The Americans refusing to wear masks are self-centered idiots, not freedom fighters. It is because of these Covidiots that reopening is not going to happen safely anytime soon in the US. The anti-science crowd is making the situation worse, worsening the economy and causing the virus to rage on unchecked. The US is in COVID freefall and nobody knows when it will end. Spain did it RIGHT, and residents should be grateful they have smart leaders who believe in science.

    Location : Florida, USA
  2. This article displays humour and good advice. Condescension doesn’t enter into it. Perhaps those feeling patronised don’t really agree with the sentiments, but don’t have a good argument against them ?
    Mask up! AND stay the f*** at home if you won’t!

    Location : malaga
  3. unfortunately this opinion peace is not only just that,
    it is completely wrong and is riddled with the propaganda that has been pushed
    not only is this contrary to the recommendations of WHO etc,
    it is also proven that masks do not work,
    neither the N95 or Surgical,
    as an example just to throw up something against the arguments even used in this article
    reference PMC4480558 is one of 100’s of studies I’ve checked, this one is particularly interesting only because it has absolutely nothing to do with CV but everything to do with operating theatres read for yourselves you have the reference, my twitterID is same.

    Location : Spain

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