A TOPLESS group of women have protested the anniversary celebrations of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s death.

Shocking images from Euronews show the protestors being kicked in the body by Franco fanatics as they lay on the floor, while others were grabbed and hurled to the ground.

The celebrations anticipating the anniversary of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s death on November 20 in Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente were made more colourful this year by a group of bare-breasted Femen activists who had the slogan “Legal Fascism, National Shame” painted in black ink across their chests and “Stop 20N” across their backs.

FASCISM: Femen protestor captured by police at Franco remembrance rally

Protesting the right of Francoists and Falangists to march from Callao to the square in front of the Royal Palace while chanting the late dictator’s name, one of the trio stole the stage set up by the Association for the Derogation of Historical Memory and addressed a hostile audience whose banners read “Movement for Spain” and “Sánchez stand down and leave Franco in peace” in reference to his planned exhumation.

In response, she was subjected to a gale of insults and borne away by police to a safe spot behind one of the square’s many hedges where her colleagues had been assembled.

Meanwhile, the most irate of her censors were wrestled to the ground and led in the opposite direction.

Keen to distance itself from the unruly event, a source from the National Francisco Franco Foundation told The Olive Press that she had no idea who organised these particular anniversary celebrations and had never heard of the Association for the Derogation of Historical Memory.

“The only thing we do to mark the date is the memorial service with the family on the 20th,” she said.


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