Ahí va ahí va el trono de nuestro pueblo San Pedro de Alcántara y Marbella estos son los contenedores que reciclan solo no necesitas ningún camión que venga a recogerlo ellos mismos van solos

Geplaatst door Rafael Soto Moreno op Zondag 18 november 2018


THIS is the moment recycling bins ‘took on a life of their own’ during the flash flooding on the Costa del Sol yesterday.

The video shows bins hurtling down a road and ‘driving’ among traffic in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara.

The footage was shared by local Rafael Moreno.

He captioned the clip: “Here goes the throne of our people San Pedro de Alcantara and Marbella, these are the containers for recycling only you don’t need any truck to pick them up, they go on their own.”

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