FORMER US President Barack Obama met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during his visit to a tech conference in Malaga and the pair shared a joke. 

“How can it be that I have aged more than you?” Obama, known for his charm, quipped to Sanchez.

To be fair to Obama, Pedro Sanchez is only 50, ten years younger than the former US president. 

The two met during Obama’s trip to the south of Spain, where he was speaking at a conference on digital innovation in Malaga.

The former leader of the free world also “declared himself an admirer of Andalucia” during the meeting.

President of Andalucia Juanma Moreno was also present at the encounter, ahead of his facing the polls to stand for reelection this coming Sunday, June 19.

The leaders also discussed the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis and the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid at the end of the month. 


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