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The best fruit and veg with low calories that you can enjoy without limits – according to an expert dietician in Spain

THESE are the fruits and veg that you can eat guilt free as expert Spanish dietician shares her tips and tricks. 

Sometimes, following a healthy diet can seem impossible. 

Just as you think one food is the perfect snack, social media tells you it’s not so healthy. 

In the face of growing obesity on a global level, it is ever more important to take care of yourself. 

That’s why Ionela Lache, member of the Madrid School of Professional Dieticians and Nutritionists, has shared her favorite ways to cook using zero calorie fruits and veg. 

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Seasonal vegetables 

Rich sources of water, fibre, minerals and vitamins, eating vegetables is one of the easiest ways to give your health a boost and these are Lache’s favourites. 

  • Aubergine

This veg has just 17 calories per 100 grams but is packed with 1.37g of fibre and 262 mg of potassium. 

It also has lots of vitamins including vitamin C. 

  • Green beans

25 calories per 100g portion, beans have 2.4g of fibre and are rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus. 

They also have high levels of folates, vitamin C and vitamin A. 

  • Pumpkin

This halloween veg has 31 calories per portion, with 1.3g of fibre and high amounts of folates, potassium and vitamin C. 

  • Other recommendations: broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, pepper and collard greens.  

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Seasonal fruits 

Sweet and juicy, fruit is a great option for those of us who still love dessert. 

And there’s no need to limit yourself, says Lache, you can have fruit daily and even various times a day as they are nutrient dense and low in calories. 

  • Strawberries

With just 34 calories per 100g serving, these summer berries are full of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin C and potassium.

They also contain biotin, a B vitamin great for your hair, skin and nails.  

  • Oranges

This popular fruit has 34 calories per 100g portion. 

Nonetheless, it is rich in carbohydrates (8.6g), fibre (2.6g), potassium, folate, vitamin C and A. 

  • Other options: kiwi, mandarin, grapefruit.

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