Sunday, May 19, 2019

Trailer park clash

Claims of assault and intimidation as police step into expat caravan park battle

Anarchist bomb pair in double trouble

Activists handed seven years for sending letter bomb to fascist group

El Horrible in trouble

Supreme court rules that Algorrobico should not have been built

Laptop? They might as well be lopped off

Using laptop computers could lead to infertility in men

Sexed up weevils are evil

The battle to rid Andalucia of its infestation of red palm weevils

Home sweet home

Over 30 per cent of 25 to 35-year-olds in Spain are still living with their parents

Squatting in her own home

A 75-year-old is being forced to live in her home illegally, without electricty or hot water

A to Z of Andaluz

There’s a very good reason why you can’t understand the locals

Treasure hunt

Spanish navy is searching for shipwrecks in a bid to protect the country’s historical heritage from private salvagers

Clock stops in timeshare clean up

Four Brits – including Interpol-sought Chris Hannington – arrested as nine costa timeshare companies are closed down

Residents paying for mayor’s defense

The mayor of Alhaurin el Grande, who is facing charges of bribery and corruption, can use taxpayers’ money to cover his legal costs

What’s in a name?

The Bishop of Cordoba wants to rename the city’s mosque, or ‘Mezquita’ as a cathedral

True Hero

Quick-thinking cop saves life of heart attack tourist

Another Gaucin mayor resigns

The mayor of Gaucin, Francisco Ruiz, has stepped down amid mounting speculation about his personal life

Obesity: Public enemy number one

Battle against obesity goes belly up as Spanish children are third most overweight in world

Euro danger

Recession could cause end of euro, says Nobel winning scientist

Vicar conned

EXCLUSIVE BY WENDY WILLIAMS Fraudsters have used a vicar’s email to try and scam money from his flock

Fly-away fashion

Spanish invention gives whole new meaning to the term skintight clothing... and it might even be useful

Our lives at risk

Beachgoers angry after no warnings just half an hour after double drowning

My baby was kidnapped at birth

Axarquia woman claims her child may have been snatched by Franco’s government

Negative salary

Police investigate cruel scam where (un)lucky job applicants end up in the red

Still Rocking the Boat

Tricky tensions between Gibraltar and La Linea continue

We should AVE it first

Marbella and Ronda square up over who should get the AVE high-speed train link first

Spain says adios to the Med diet

Study casts doubt on life-preserving Spanish diet

No expatriate exodus!

EXCLUSIVE: Olive Press investigation finds the expatriate love affair with Spain still going strong

Spain ski miracle

Lost ski instructor saved after using camera flash to guide rescuers