Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Drunk British woman arrested after driving into Guardia Civil vehicle

The 45-year-old was five times over the limit

A stain on paradise

Neighbours and victims overjoyed as Toni Muldoon arrested over a €6 million money-laundering fraud

A law unto themselves in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Beware of bogus legal firm cold calling timeshare victims

Fraud probe in Casares

Mayor arrested as hundreds of properties and bank accounts are frozen over housing irregularities

Cheque con in Spain

Warning after expat unwittingly gets involved in suspect employment when answering job advert

Never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable

But despite full-scale government drive, domestic violence is still a big issue in Spain, discovers Wendy Williams

Malaya suspect lives it up in Java

Javier Lendinez vanished, having allegedly collected 18,000 euros from Juan Antonio Roca

Cushy deal for wrongdoers in Spain

Opposition leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba has criticised the fiscal amnesty proposed in the new budget

Murderer comes to sticky end in Spain

Woman sentenced for killing friend and impregnating body to mislead police

Weed them out in Sevilla

Staff are chief suspects in cocaine heist from toxicology lab

Stiff justice for viagra gang

Joint operation by British and Spanish police leads to six arrests

Imam investigated for sexist preachings

Abdeslam Laarusi suggested using ‘fists and sticks on various parts of the body to avoid breaking bones or drawing blood'

More sex fiends on the loose

Dozens of dangerous UK paedophiles and rapists may be living in southern Spain

Benefit cheat doctor escapes prison

Barbara Longley, 60, received housing and council tax benefits despite owning a three-bedroom property in Alicante

German arrested for violent lawyer death in Malaga

Salvador Andres Reina's dead body was found in his car boot

Lookalike thief robs top musician in Spain

Violinist Joshua Bell had his hotel safe broken into in Zaragoza

Go back to your tractors!

A generation of labourers who took control of town halls has helped create Spain’s corruption problems

German expat nicked for leaving baby in car in Spain

The 28-year-old German left her daughter alone at Malaga airport

Andalucian Junta’s ‘reptile fund’ cover-up

Hundreds of ERE documents were destroyed by Junta bosses over weekend purge of files

Two British men arrested in Estepona for drugs crimes

One man had a European Arrest Warrant against him

Garzon case dropped by Supreme Court

Controversial Spanish judge will still face charges relating to Franco-era investigations

NIE paperwork madness in Spain

A new law requires everyone to turn up at the police station to pick up their NIE number

‘I paid Roca three million euros for occupancy licences’ claims builder in Malaya case

Fidel San Roman makes shocking confession to the court and insists he was the victim of blackmail

Beware of car reverse scam in Spain

A new scam sees thieves trying to fool drivers into getting out of ther cars

Complaints against lawyers ignored in Spain

Numerous cases are being ‘buried and unheard’, claims lawyer

Lawyers in the dock in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Legal watchdog comes under fire for failing to deal with bent solicitors