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LONG READ: Nature lovers are waging war against barbed wire fences and locked gates to keep public trails open...

IMAGINE the scenario: You are walking on one of Andalucía’s beautiful public trails, it’s a walk you have enjoyed many times, but today is different

British man who went missing on Spain’s Costa del Sol found safe in Malaga hospital

A BRITISH man who went missing in Sotogrande has been found.

Airbus layoffs to affect 260 jobs in Spain’s Andalucia

The planned restructuring at Airbus will affect 260 staff in Andalucia

Andalucia’s first coronavirus patient discharged from hospital

There have been no new cases of infection in the Andalucian Community in recent hours

British buyers in Spain ‘increase by a staggering 125%’, as Brexit forces people into action

BRITISH buyers in Spain have surged by 125% according to Taylor Wimpey Espana.

700 affordable homes to be built per year in Spain’s Andalucia

Up to 4,000 homes will be built by 2024 to combat rises in rental prices and to facilitate access to housing

Costa del Sol doctor caught red-handed nicking 13 boxes of face masks to ‘take back to his village’ as...

So far there have been 82,221 confirmed coronavirus Cases worldwide, resulting in 2,807 deaths

BREAKING: Potential coronavirus patient isolated in Spain’s Sevilla and Cadiz

A PATIENT has been isolated for a potential coronavirus infection in Sevilla.  The individual is being held at the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena in the...

Happy Andalucian Day 2020: The history behind the day

FEBRUARY 28 is a very important day for all Andalucians.

Andalucia’s Cameron International School offers students a global education and has just partnered with Tottenham Hotspur

“At Cameron International School we want all our children to be able to develop their talents”

IN PICS: Why you NEED to visit Andalucia’s Benahavis this year

The entire village is an open air art gallery, littered with poetic quotes from Shakespeare, Blake and Sabines to educate and inspire walkers as they wander through the winding streets

Drunk driver arrested after running over four people in one day in Spain’s Andalucia

Policia Local have arrested a 53-year-old male tourist after a breathalyser test showed he was three times over the legal limit when he caused a multiple collision

Bus to connect two cities in Spain’s Andalucia

Huelva and Cadiz will be connected on Friday by a new bus service in a reduced time of two and a quarter hours

WATCH: Man arrested as dead and injured roosters found in police raid on cockfight watched by 200 people in...

Cockfighting is illegal in Spain, with the exception of Andalucia and the Canary Islands

Dicks, balls, c*nts… Spain’s Andalucia has some great everyday swearwords, but its other vocabularly is even more curious

In a new monthly column, Charlie Smith explores the trials and tribulations of learning Spanish

Farmers in Spain’s Andalucia cut off roads with tractors and light fires in huge protest at rock bottom olive...

Since 2017 the price of extra virgin olive oil at source has plunged by 43% from €3.60 to around €1.90 per kilo

Suffering farmers in Spain’s Andalucia to block busy highway with tractors in Valentine’s Day protest at Trump’s olive tariffs

During 2019, Spain’s olive export rate to America was slashed by almost 15,000 tonnes after the US imposed a 25% levy on the product

Body of a man believed to be from the missing fishing boat recovered in Andalucia

THE body of a man has been recovered from the waters of Tarifa.

BREAKING: lethal Chinese Coronavirus fear as suspected case in Andalucia, southern Spain

Spain on alert as Chinese tourist put into quarantine in Granada with feared Coronavirus

British expat’s bike business in Spain already drops orders from UK by 80% thanks to Brexit

A BRITISH expat claims his bike business has already changed ‘dramatically’ since the UK voted for Brexit. Gary Routledge, originally from Elgin, Scotland, has been...

Heavy snowfall in parts of Spain could be heaviest for 35 years

AFTER warnings of freezing temperatures, heavy snow has fallen overnight in some areas of the Costa Blanca leaving schools and businesses closed this morning. Locals...





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