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BREXIT: No news is bad news

By Anne Hernandez THIS past week, apart from the excitement of a vaccine becoming available for use in the...

Complications ahead for British expats in Spain… But a deal will happen!

By Anne Hernández I AM beginning to wonder if the world has gone totally bonkers! What with Brexit, COVID,...

British campaign groups urge for more ‘clarity’ and less ‘gung-ho optimism’ over key Brexit arrangements after meeting UK Brexit...

REPRESENTATIVES of campaign groups for British nationals in Spain have urged for ‘greater clarity’ after meeting with the UK’s Brexit Secretary.

Poll on Brits taking dual or Spanish nationality to be presented to UK and Spanish governments

British citizens based in Spain urged to take part in Brexpats in Spain survey

Brexpats In Spain campaigner: British expats are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to UK MPs

Anne Hernandez focusing lobbying on Spanish politicians