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Major breakthrough to help ‘natural treasure’ of drought-hit Doñana National Park in Spain’s Andalucia

THE NATIONAL government and the Andalucia region signed a deal on Monday to stop illegal irrigation in the drought-hit Doñana wetlands. It brings the end...

Spain’s Doñana National Park marks 54th anniversary amid challenges of drought and proposed irrigation measures

ESTABLISHED on August 14, 1969, by a government decree, Doñana National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marks its 54th anniversary amidst the concerning...

Experts slam Doñana’s new plan to grant watering rights to farmers 

TECHNICIANS have condemned the new plan to grant watering rights to farmers around Doñana's National Park. A report published by Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation’s (GHC) regulatory...

Snap elections prompt German lawmakers to cancel trip to Spain’s Doñana National Park

THE SNAP general election that has been called for July 23 continues to have unexpected consequences. On Monday, a group of German lawmakers opted...

Record temperatures, ongoing drought and Doñana’s wetlands: Why water is the word on everyone’s lips this week

WITH 27% of Spain currently either in a drought ‘emergency’ or ‘alert’, record temperatures being registered for the month of April, and an ongoing...

Brussels issues new warning over plans for Spain’s Doñana National Park

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has once again warned the Andalusian regional government that its plans to grant new watering rights to farmers in the area...

Five Iberian lynx cubs born in Andalucia

FIVE Iberian lynx cubs have been born at the El Acebuche breeding centre in Almonte (Huelva).  They were born in two litters. Sadly, one has...

New plan to grant watering rights to farmers near Spain’s Doñana National Park sparks outrage

A FRESH row has broken out over the future of the Doñana National Park in Andalucia, after the regional parliament approved legislation on Wednesday...
European Commission Threatens Spain Over Water Extraction Plans For Andalucia's Doñana National Park

European Commission threatens Spain over environmentally-damaging water extraction plans for Andalucia’s Doñana National Park

THE European Commission has threatened to penalise Spain if plans go ahead to extract more water from one of Europe's largest wetlands. The warning comes...




Health experts at a loss on what is causing Legionnaire’s disease cases in Gibraltar

AUTHORITIES are trying to discover the source of a Legionnaire’s disease cases in Gibraltar that saw at least four people take ill. The Gibraltar Health...


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