FIVE Iberian lynx cubs have been born at the El Acebuche breeding centre in Almonte (Huelva). 

They were born in two litters. Sadly, one has died, one is being hand raised while the other three are in good health. 

Now 17 lynxes have been born this year at the centre, where seven cubs were born in 2022.

A total of 43 of western Europe’s largest cat were born in Spain last year (20 male and 23 female), most of them in Andalucia. 

The Iberian lynx is classed as endangered. It lives largely in the Mediterranean mountains of the Iberian Peninsula.

El Acebuche Lynx Story Wikimedia Commons
The five cubs were born at ‘El Acebuche’ breeding centre in Doñana. Photo by Marc Ryckaert: Wikimedia Commons

They have been in danger of extinction for several years. However, the intervention of the Spanish authorities and the work carried out by breeding centres have considerably improved their situation. 

A total of 137 lynx have been released in Andalucia over the last two decades through the Junta’s reintroduction programme.

In 2002, there were only 94 lynxes but now there are more than 1,300, Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has said to the Olive Press. 

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