TECHNICIANS have condemned the new plan to grant watering rights to farmers around Doñana’s National Park.

A report published by Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation’s (GHC) regulatory body has described the new regulation as a ‘scam’.

The study further highlights the plans go against the protection of natural space as well as being contrary to European Justice. 

“The new areas of farmland declared as irrigable will not have access to water, so the plans are useless, and to be more accurate, a scam,” the document says. 

It further states that the new law compromises the future of Doñana, as it would negatively impact the current deterioration of the aquifers. 

The GHC insists that the project, drafted by the PP and VOX and approved by the Andalucian Parliament last April, should be declared illegal as it is against the international regulations imposed by UNESCO.

The regulatory group further regrets that the new plans have caused ‘an undesirable division’ in the Spanish society. 

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