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Spain’s Guadalquivir basin suffers the longest drought since 1970

ANDALUCIA is going through one of its most complicated moments in terms of water scarcity in its history. Southern Spain has not seen its reservoirs...

Experts slam Doñana’s new plan to grant watering rights to farmers 

TECHNICIANS have condemned the new plan to grant watering rights to farmers around Doñana's National Park. A report published by Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation’s (GHC) regulatory...

Andalucia’s reservoirs fall to 27.7% of their storage capacity

Andalucian reservoirs are currently at 27,7% of their total capacity, the Junta has reported.  This is an overall 0.34% decrease compared to last week, a...

Record temperatures, ongoing drought and Doñana’s wetlands: Why water is the word on everyone’s lips this week

WITH 27% of Spain currently either in a drought ‘emergency’ or ‘alert’, record temperatures being registered for the month of April, and an ongoing...

New plan to grant watering rights to farmers near Spain’s Doñana National Park sparks outrage

A FRESH row has broken out over the future of the Doñana National Park in Andalucia, after the regional parliament approved legislation on Wednesday...

King Felipe of Spain leads centenary celebration off the shores of Cadiz

HISTORY doesn’t record the welcome Elcano received after sailing around the world, but today’s Centenario V celebrations, in the seas off Cadiz would be...

Dry January raises drought fears in not-so rainy Spain as reservoir capacity goes down to 44%

THE second-driest January of the 21st century has sparked fresh fears of a drought in Spain. The government conceded this Tuesday that it was monitoring...

First death from mosquito-borne West Nile virus in Spain’s Andalucia

Of the 35 infected individuals, 32 people have required treatment in hospital and six of the residents are in intensive care

Andalucia’s ombudsman launches investigation into at risk Donana National Park

Andaluz official Jesús Maeztu wants to give people 'transparent information' on the current situation of the beleagured Sevilla/Huelva zone, which risks being added to UNESCO's list of endangered world heritage sites

Donana UNESCO Biosphere reserve to triple in size

UN votes to make Spain’s most important reserve three times larger as sewage battle hots up

Floodgates open on illegal homes

The Junta is planning to demolish illegal homes in areas of high flood risks to minimise future damage and strengthen flood defences

Cruise ships to dock 70km inland

Sevilla courts cruise ships with ambitious river dredging project

Slippery slope for eel catchers

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive




How killing a RAT in your home could land you 18 months’ prison in Spain under new animal cruelty...

THANKS to bullfighting and other traditional fiestas that involve cruelty to creatures, Spain has not always enjoyed the greatest reputation when it comes to...


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