Andalucian reservoirs are currently at 27,7% of their total capacity, the Junta has reported. 

This is an overall 0.34% decrease compared to last week, a consequence of the drought Spain is experiencing. 

Andalucia is suffering from ‘the worst drought in the last 30 years,’ according to a study undertaken by the metropolitan water company Emasesa. 

Junta Minister for Environment and Spokesperson, Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco, believes the present situation is ‘dramatic’ for the economy, employment, and the people of Andalucia. 

Regarding the Guadalquivir basin, the largest in Andalucia, it is at 24.3% of its capacity, having experienced a 0.17% decrease since last week.

“Drought is a huge problem and there is no room for improvisation, but only for planning, investment and commitment”, Fernandez-Pacheco has said. 

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