THE Costa del Sol is finally getting a break from the unseasonal heat and dry spell that has plagued the region for several weeks. 

The serious drought situation may be alleviated by forecasts that Andalucia is to be hit by rain and storms over Wednesday, Thursday and into the weekend.

Weather agency Aemet currently predicts a 30% chance of rain in Malaga city for Wednesday, and maximum temperature dropping down to a fresh 22 degrees.

Thursday’s forecast, however, is more serious: There is currently a 95% possibility of storms accompanied by showers in Malaga city, particularly in the afternoon.

And the unsettled weather is expected to linger into the weekend, tailing off back into relentless sunshine only from Sunday onwards.

The rainfall and cooler temperatures should bring some welcome respite to Andalucia’s depleted reservoirs, currently at 27%, and tinder-dry fields.

The sudden change in weather can be attributed to a pocket of dense cold air in the middle layers of the atmosphere, resulting in a ‘DANA’ – an acronym from the Spanish phrase – depresión aislada en niveles altos

This weather phenomenon will lead to isolated and irregular showers in certain areas of southern Spain, accompanied by a general drop in temperatures.


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