A POLISH man, 38, who squatted in a finca in Campo Alto de Elda turned it into a marijuana farm and was found in possession of a high calibre machine gun.

The Policia Nacional were tipped off about the illegally-occupied house and that criminal activities were going in it.

They kept an eye on the finca with the squatter travelling to and from it in a van, which they intercepted and discovered 826 grams of marijuana buds inside.

On entering the building, officers found 260 marijuana plants as well as associated drugs goods.

There was an array of air conditioners, fans, extractors, and lamps all hooked up illegally to the electricity supply.

What did come as a surprise to the officers was the discovery of a CZ Scorpion machine gun- a lightweight 9mm compact Czech-manufactured weapon with easy manoeuvrability.

A compressed air gun was also located in the finca.

The Polish national was jailed after being charged with squatting, drug trafficking, the illegal possession of weapons, and the illegal use of electricity.


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