ILLEGAL homes in the flood plains could be demolished, said the Junta.

The new directive has been prompted by recent floods in the Cordoba province.

Dozens of illegal houses were severely damaged when the Guadalquivr river burst its banks.

The Junta’s, Regional Councillor for Government and Justice, Luis Pizarro, said on December 16 that illegal properties in high-risk area cannot be protected.

Officials added, that illegal construction undermines natural flood defences.

Those residents who agree to have their homes demolished will be offered council housing to rent.


  1. First of all one has to define “illegal house”. I think this is a knee-jerk reaction to try and solve some of the planning irregularities that the Junta themselves caused. I suspect many of the houses affected in Cordoba have been made retrospectively illegal and are only in a state of supposed illegality because some corrupt official was involved and gave paperwork they should not have. In those cases, the people should fight on.

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