Friday, September 18, 2020
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Spanish government slammed over spending in flood-damaged Costa Blanca: ‘Vega Baja needs investments, not advertisements’

AID to help the flood-damaged parts of the Costa Blanca has yet to arrive, a local politician has said.

City in Spain’s Costa Blanca receives over €2m for flood relief, but mayor keeps the news to himself

ORIHUELA City Council was told it would get over €2 million to alleviate the damage caused by the floods of September 2019,...

Town asks locals for pictures and videos as flood anniversary approaches in Spain’s Costa Blanca

REDOVAN council is preparing a video for the anniversary of the devastating Gota Fria and floods that killed seven people and tore...

Hailstorms this spring devastate grape, orange and pomegranate crops by 40% in Spain’s Costa Blanca

DOWNPOURS across Spain’s Costa Blanca this spring have devastated crops by up to 40%, according to recent figures out this week.

Clean-up starts for blocked flood defence system in Spain’s Costa Blanca

NINE months after storms and floods devastated huge areas of the Costa Blanca, one of the area’s main flood defences is to...

Essential safety work completed on Costa Blanca riverbank that burst during September floods

ESSENTIAL safety works to the banks of the River Segura are near completion, after being breached seven months ago by floodwater.

Flood warning in Spain’s Mar Menor region – roads closed, residents told to stay indoors and upstairs

OVERNIGHT rains have blocked off many roads in the Mar Menor area, still recovering from a series of storms going back to...

Group of Costa Blanca mayors demand that busy N-332 road is raised to prevent ‘new catastrophes’ in flood-hit region

FIVE Costa Blanca mayors are demanding quick and urgent solutions to flood prevention in the Vega Baja basin. 

Costa Blanca cycle race seen as a ‘tribute’ to those that suffered in September floods

THIS week saw the third stage of the 71st Cycling Tour of the Valencian Community pass through the Costa Blanca South.

Costa Calida mayor slams €80m flood defence budget as being less than a third of what’s needed in Spanish...

A COSTA CALIDA mayor has pointed out that although the regional government of Murcia is supporting an €80m plan to prevent flood...

WATCH: Emergency declared in Spain’s Malaga as cars left stacked upon each other and homes and businesses wrecked while... MALAGA has reactivated its emergency protocol after areas of the province have been left heavily damaged by a fresh onslaught of stormy weather.  In Campanillas,...

Orihuela reopens sports centre only four months after it was “completely flooded” by DANA

FRIDAY saw the reopening of Palmeral Sports Centre of Orihuela, after €95,000 worth of flood damage was caused in September's storms.

British pensioner lives with ‘broken front door’ for THREE MONTHS after heeding advice to leave house in ruins following...

A BRITISH pensioner has been living without a working front door for three months after being told he can’t repair his house...

Costa Blanca mayor claims €530 million government aid will ‘fall far short’ of funds needed to rebuild the Vega...

THE mayor of Orihuela has pleaded with Spain’s central government to release more relief funds following the devastating September floods.

Flood-hit Costa Blanca town says ‘Gracias’ to all that helped during gota fria

THE PEOPLE of San Fulgencio came together to acknowledge and thank the ‘fantastic and unselfish’ emergency services and volunteers that helped throughout...

Severe droughts, heatwaves and floods in hottest decade on record as climate crisis talks underway in Spain

The findings by the WMO show that this year will be the second or third warmest since records began

Los Alcazares mayor says ‘mud-filled drains’ from September’s gota fria to blame for fresh flash flooding

THE mayor of a Costa Blanca town hit AGAIN by flash floods has blamed mud-filled drains gone neglected since September’s deadly gota...

WARNING: Rising sea levels will put coasts of Spain’s Andalucia at risk of devastating floods EVERY YEAR from 2050...

Researchers from Climate Central spent three years studying the effects of rising seas due to climate change and human activity

Minister demands ‘honesty’ from local government after Mar Menor ‘environmental emergency’

SPAIN’S Minister for Ecological Transition has demanded answers from the Government of Murcia over the ‘environmental emergency’ at the region’s Mar Menor.

British family in ‘nightmarish’ limbo as insurance assessors still to evaluate ruined home three weeks after catastrophic floods

A BRITISH couple who lost ‘everything’ in their Vega Baja villa during last month’s devastating floods are STILL in limbo as insurance...

Brits help restore Costa Blanca community of 140 left with only ‘one working kitchen’ after September floods

CARING listeners of an English-language radio station have rallied round to donate furniture, electrical items and cleaning equipment to an urbanisation left...

Councillor says Costa Blanca floods were a ‘humanitarian crisis’ largely ignored by world media

A BRITISH councillor has called the gota fría catastrophe ‘a humanitarian crisis’ largely ignored from international media. Darren Parmenter,...

Up to a BILLION ‘aggressive’ tiger mosquitoes ‘set to swarm Spain’s Costa Blanca’ after devastating gota fria floods create...

The worst flooding in 140 years has left scores of muddy lagoons, the perfect breeding ground for the blood-sucking pests

Roman map shows flood-hit regions of the Costa Blanca were part of the Med just 2,000 years ago

THE Vega Baja region is prone to flooding because it was once part of the Mediterranean Sea, a Roman-era map of the...

Thousands help rebuild Spain’s Costa Blanca after six die in floods following worst storm for 140 years

South East Spain starts to recover in short break from lethal floods and storms

At least six feared dead in Costa Blanca flooding after roads, railways and airports close

SIX people have died following two days of the worst flooding on record to hit the Costa Blanca flooding.