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Record temperatures, ongoing drought and Doñana’s wetlands: Why water is the word on everyone’s lips this week

WITH 27% of Spain currently either in a drought ‘emergency’ or ‘alert’, record temperatures being registered for the month of April, and an ongoing...

Brussels issues new warning over plans for Spain’s Doñana National Park

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has once again warned the Andalusian regional government that its plans to grant new watering rights to farmers in the area...

New plan to grant watering rights to farmers near Spain’s Doñana National Park sparks outrage

A FRESH row has broken out over the future of the Doñana National Park in Andalucia, after the regional parliament approved legislation on Wednesday...

Forty-three Iberian lynx cubs born in Spanish reintroduction program throughout 2022

A TOTAL of 43 new Iberian lynx cubs have been born throughout 2022 in different breeding centres managed by National Parks across Spain. The 2022...

Adult Iberian lynx run over and killed in Spain’s Doñana

AN endangered Iberian lynx has been killed in a car accident near Doñana National Park in southern Spain. The tragic incident took place this Monday,...
Tiny Lynx Cubs

Seven Iberian lynx breeding pairs selected for upcoming mating season in Spain’s Doñana

THE Iberian Lynx Ex situ Conservation Programme has established seven breeding pairs for the 2023 mating season at the El Acebuche centre, located in...

Hedgehogs saved from summer wildfires in Spain’s Doñana Natural Park are released

SEVERAL hedgehogs affected by the forest fires this summer in the Doñana Natural Park have been able to return to the wild. Following a spell...

Oldest known Iberian lynx in Spain has died

THE female Iberian lynx Aura has died at the age of 20, making her the longest-lived Iberian lynx specimen on record to date. According to...

‘Firefighting’ donkeys start fire prevention campaign in Spain’s Doñana

A TEAM of 18 ‘Firefighting’ donkeys have started the forest fire prevention campaign 'Summer of 2023'. The 18 burros have been released in difficult to...

CRITICAL NUMBERS: Spain’s Doñana registers lowest number of wetland birds in 40 years

DOÑANA is the most prestigious wetland natural area in Spain and provides refuge for hundreds and thousands of waterbirds throughout the year—however, numbers are...
Iberian Lynx Gd08579233 1920

Fatal hit-and-run of two lynx, mother and cub, in Spain’s Doñana causes wildlife ecologists to lash out at Junta

TWO Iberian lynx have been run over this Saturday, June 11, at a black spot area in the Doñana Nature Reserve in Andalucia. The incident...

Police reveal extent of water theft problem with 133 arrests and more than 1,500 illegal wells detected in drought-ridden...

A POLICE operation to clampdown on illegal water theft saw the arrest of 133 people and the discovery of more than 1,500 illegal wells. The...

Iberian lynx killed in road accident in Spain’s Sevilla prompting calls for more protection

AN Iberian lynx has been killed in a fatal ‘hit-and-run’ near Doñana—prompting calls for more protection for the endangered species. The tragic incident took place...

Recent wildfires in Spain’s Sevilla have destroyed 4 hectares of lynx habitat

FOUR hectares of lynx habitat have been destroyed by two forest fires which raged the Dehesa de Abajo Nature Reserve in Sevilla last weekend. The...

Iberian lynx found dead from gunshots wounds in Spain’s Doñana

AN Iberian lynx has been found shot dead in Doñana National Park in Huelva. Preliminary observations of the body found floating in the Guadiamar river...

Nine more Iberian lynx cubs born in Spain’s Andalucia

All the cubs are now being weaned, training for release into the wild will begin in July.

Two lynxes killed on roads in Doñana Nature Reserve in Spain’s Andalucia

Seven lynxes have died on roads in Spain’s Doñana so far this year.

WATCH: Police in Spain use drone to spot drugs-smuggling launch

TWO men have been arrested after a police drone spotted a suspected 'narcolancha' on Spain's river Guadalquivir. The crew of the semi-rigid inflateable speed boat...

FALLING FOWL: Management crisis puts Andalucia bird sanctuary under threat from drought and wild boar

Donana National Park is Europe's most important wetland, but some birds are at serious risk of extinction

BREAKING: Coal company to blame for devastating Huelva fires, investigation finds

The climatic conditions caused the flames to spread with speed

WATCH: Shocking video footage of Doñana National Park in the aftermath of Huelva fires

Rows and rows of trees in the UNESCO-protected Doñana National Park can be seen burnt out

Spain Government forced to deny ‘unfairly’ slashing funds for Donana National Park

It comes after Andalucia’s PSOE slammed PP leaders for massively reducing Doñana’s state funding from €428,000 in 2016 to just €142,000 this year

Three hundred illegal wells shut down in Donana in bid to stop landowners draining wetlands

Junta officials swooped on the sites which unscrupulous parties had been using to tap an aquifer on which the Sevilla and Huelva-based national park is dependent

Andalucia’s ombudsman launches investigation into at risk Donana National Park

Andaluz official Jesús Maeztu wants to give people 'transparent information' on the current situation of the beleagured Sevilla/Huelva zone, which risks being added to UNESCO's list of endangered world heritage sites

EU considers intervening in Donana case to stop dangerous gas storage

The European Commission has just agreed to consider pressing the Spanish government to evaluate the dangers of Gas Natural Fenosa’s pipe building project in the national park





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