A TEAM of 18 ‘Firefighting’ donkeys have started the forest fire prevention campaign ‘Summer of 2023’.

The 18 burros have been released in difficult to access areas in the Doñana National Park with free range to move and chomp away at dry grass and scrub that grow out of control.

Coordinated by the environmental group ‘Mujeres por Doñana’, these donkeys are moved to firebreaks located in areas that are difficult to access for the Plan Infoca operators, and rid the natural areas of flammable plants and shrubs that grow out of control.

This original forest fire prevention campaign, also coordinated with the association ‘Burrito Feliz’ (Happy Donkey) has actually been running for several years.

According to the aforementioned association, since the donkey’s have been used as part of the forest fire prevention campaign in the National Park, the area cleared by the donkey’s has ‘never been burned.’

The work of these animals begin in the morning, when they are taken and left in areas that have potential fire-hazard shrubs. Volunteers make sure that the donkeys have access to fresh water throughout the day, and then the donkey’s are rounded up and taken back to the association in the afternoon.

The four-legged Doñana firefighting unit is famous even outside Huelva, and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) considers it an example to follow in the prevention of forest fires.


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