AN Iberian lynx has been killed in a fatal ‘hit-and-run’ near Doñana—prompting calls for more protection for the endangered species.

The tragic incident took place this Monday, October 31, on the Pinares de Aznalcazar road in Sevilla, in the area surrounding the Doñana Natural Park.

Ecologists in Action, who have confirmed that the lynx is an adult male, belonged to the Doñana-Aljarafe population—the fifth specimen run over in that population so far in 2021are now calling for more to be done to prevent accidents of this kind.

These alarming figures highlight that traffic accidents are the leading non-natural cause of death for the Iberian lynx in Spain. With 32% of the mortality rate caused by road accidents, ahead of poaching at 24%.

The animal’s corpse has been transferred to the Centre for Analysis and Diagnosis of Wildlife (CAD) of the Junta de Andalucia, where a necropsy will be performed.

In an official statement, Ecologists in Action have said they are ‘saddened by the latest death of a lynx’ and warned incidents such as these ‘slow down the recovery of the lynx species.’

“We invest many millions of euros annually, with some success, in breeding lynxes in captivity to release them into the wild, but we are unable to prevent them from being run over.” the organisation said.

The group has also criticised the ‘passive attitude’ of the different administrations in the face of this reality, considering that ‘they do very little to prevent it.’ and have indicated that they are going to request for the ‘umpteenth time’ that the Junta put in place ‘an efficient plan of measures to prevent the Iberian lynx from being run over, with efficient speed control plans and immediate action to encourage good driving practices in the identified black spots’.

The ‘hit-and-run’ reportedly took place in a section of road that had a maximum speed of 20 kilometres/hour.



  1. “The tragic accident took place….” I had to stop reading there because I was laughing so much. This story IS a joke, isn’t it? Perhaps it should be run on December 28th… or April 1st for our overseas readers.

    Location : Spain

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