TRAFFIC gridlock has blocked access to four of the main access roads to Valencia this morning.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has alerted drivers attempting to access the Valencian capital this morning, Wednesday, November 3, of kilometre-long traffic jams affecting several connecting roads into the city. Reports of traffic jams started at 7:20 am on the CV-35, at San Antonio de Benagéber, where 4 kilometres of delays brought hundreds of vehicles to a standstill in the direction of Valencia.

On the same road, as it passes through the municipality of Burjassot, 2 kilometres of queues created long tailbacks by drivers attempting to join the motorway- seemingly unaware of any problems. Commuters also reported difficulty entering the capital via the V-31, in Sedaví due to at least 2 kilometres of traffic jams, the same delays were evident at the CV-36, in Picanya and on the V-21, in Alboraia.

In addition, there have been traffic jams stretching 2 kilometres on the N-220, in Manises, in the direction of the V-30; on the CV-30, in Paterna, towards the port of Valencia; and on the V-30, in Quart de Polet, with queues of 2.5 kilometres to access the A-7 reported.

Drivers caught in the traffic jams this morning were likely tempted to call into work to advise of their delay. However, the DGT has penalties that include the loss of 3 to 6 points off drivers’ licences, as well as a €100 fine for just holding a mobile phone while driving under a new law that came into force in September this year.

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