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Forty-three Iberian lynx cubs born in Spanish reintroduction program throughout 2022

A TOTAL of 43 new Iberian lynx cubs have been born throughout 2022 in different breeding centres managed by National Parks across Spain. The 2022...

Adult Iberian lynx run over and killed in Spain’s Doñana

AN endangered Iberian lynx has been killed in a car accident near Doñana National Park in southern Spain. The tragic incident took place this Monday,...

Four endangered Iberian lynxes released into the wild in Spain’s Granada

FOUR Iberian lynxes have been released into the wild in the Sierra Arana region of the Andalucian province of Granada as part of a...
Tiny Lynx Cubs

Seven Iberian lynx breeding pairs selected for upcoming mating season in Spain’s Doñana

THE Iberian Lynx Ex situ Conservation Programme has established seven breeding pairs for the 2023 mating season at the El Acebuche centre, located in...

Oldest known Iberian lynx in Spain has died

THE female Iberian lynx Aura has died at the age of 20, making her the longest-lived Iberian lynx specimen on record to date. According to...
Iberian Lynx Gd08579233 1920

Fatal hit-and-run of two lynx, mother and cub, in Spain’s Doñana causes wildlife ecologists to lash out at Junta

TWO Iberian lynx have been run over this Saturday, June 11, at a black spot area in the Doñana Nature Reserve in Andalucia. The incident...

Iberian lynx takes up residence in sleepy town in Spain’s Extremadura

THERE’S no place like home and for the last few days an Iberian lynx has taken up residence in a quiet town in Extremadura. Esparragosa...

Spain is European country with most species at risk of extinction

SPAIN is the European country with the most plants and animals at risk of extinction, according to a new analysis. Data from the IUCN Red...

Iberian lynx set to be released in new territory in Spain’s Murcia 

THE Iberian Lynx could soon be on the prowl in Murcia. An agreement has been reached between the Murcia regional government and the Junta de...

Iberian lynx killed in road accident in Spain’s Sevilla prompting calls for more protection

AN Iberian lynx has been killed in a fatal ‘hit-and-run’ near Doñana—prompting calls for more protection for the endangered species. The tragic incident took place...

Endangered lynx cub killed after being run over in Spain’s Huelva

AN IBERIAN lynx cub has been killed after being run over in the province of Huelva. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and...

Iberian lynx: How Spain brought the world’s most endangered cat back from the brink of extinction

JUST two decades ago, the Iberian lynx was identified as the world’s most endangered cat, teetering on the verge of extinction with less than...

The Highlands look to Spain’s Andalucia in its fight to save its wild cat from extinction through captive breeding

The Junta is collaborating in the international partnership Saving Wildcats, offering expert advice on the development of a captive breeding programme for its Scottish 'cousin'.

Iberian lynx population reaches historic high of almost 900 across southern Spain and Portugal

In 2002, the Iberian lynx was identified as the world’s most endangered cat, with just 94 left in the wild

WATCH: Iberian lynx roams the streets of Spain’s Andalucia before becoming trapped in house

The lynx was finally captured over two hours later, after getting itself trapped in the entrance of one of the town’s houses.

Row over validity of lynx video in Spain’s Andalucia

A ROW has broken out between the Junta de Andalucia and a local businessman over the validity of a lynx video.

Nine more Iberian lynx cubs born in Spain’s Andalucia

All the cubs are now being weaned, training for release into the wild will begin in July.

Two lynxes killed on roads in Doñana Nature Reserve in Spain’s Andalucia

Seven lynxes have died on roads in Spain’s Doñana so far this year.

Once-endangered Iberian lynx now thriving in Spain’s Andalucia

Andalucia is home to 75% of the Iberian lynx population of the peninsula, and three out of every four lynxes in Andalucia are found in the Sierra Morena area.

CUTE ALERT: First look at newborn endangered Iberian Lynx cubs in Andalucia

The cute cubs, which are the world’s most endangered feline species, have passed their first health check-up at Jerez Zoo

New Lynx observatory opened in Andalucia

A NEW lynx observatory at the Doñana Natural park has been officially opened by Junta president Susana Diaz. Diaz said the observatory will help ‘spread...

Most successful Iberian Lynx in breeding programme killed as a result of Huelva fires

The adult female died on Sunday  during the evacuation process

Iberian lynxes born at Jerez Zoo

ON Friday, 15 April, Jerez Zoo gained its newest arrivals. The female Iberian Lynx gave birth to three Guinea pig-sized kittens. The mother, Castañuella, remained...

Lynx cats may be reintroduced to the UK following successful Spanish breeding programme

THE tripling of Spain’s Lynx cat population following a successful captive breeding program might see them reintroduced to the UK. The 15-year project saw the...

Madrid’s muggles go crazy for wizard sport Quidditch

Widely played across the pond, is the wizarding sport set to soar in Europe too?

Spain has most endangered species in Europe

The Iberian lynx and Mediterranean monk seal are among the endangered in Spain




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