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Thousands turn out for Mayday protests across Spain

The demonstrations were largely peaceful across Spain

Bankia back on track

Spanish bank announces a return to profit following a disastrous 2012

Spanish unemployment soars to record high

The number of jobless Spaniards has topped the six million mark

Spain’s population falls as foreigners flee eurozone crisis

Spain is experiencing a mass exodus of immigrants due to economic hardship

Euro resurgence

Keith Spitalnick looks at how the recent measures put in place to address the eurozone crisis have helped boost the value of the euro against the pound

Spain’s bad bank to absorb ‘toxic’ assets

Huge discounts for property to be offloaded by Spain’s lenders

One trillion euro deal helps ease eurozone crisis

European leaders agree to cut Greek debt by 50 per cent while Spanish banks must raise 26.2 billion euros in capital

Iberia United?

Bartie thinks the economic crisis could be just the excuse for Spain to buy Portugal

Euro in turmoil as Spanish Prime Minister holds talks with US President Barack Obama

Zapatero returns to Madrid to deal with crisis after cutting short his holiday in Andalucia's Donana National Park


GOOD NEWS continues with new cases of COVID-19 maintaining big fall in Spain’s Valencian Community

LATEST figures released tonight(March 2) by the Valencian health ministry declared 585 new COVID-19 infections. As expected, it is...