Friday, February 26, 2021
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Ex-Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez wants all party leaders to stand down in third election

Sanchez and his 85 delegates voted against Mariano Rajoy when the PP leader held a vote on forming a new government earlier this month

Madina has faith in Susana Diaz’s decision to stay out of PSOE race

Susana Diaz instead remains faithful to Andalucia

Donana National Park president steps down

Former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez has stepped down from his presidency after admitting he does not have enough time to do the job

Right turn into money

Former socialist prime minister Felipe Gonzalez has launched a private equity firm


Juan Carlos I’s home in exile is a luxury villa in Abu Dhabi

HE may be living in exile, but he’s not exactly slumming it. Reporters from the television programme Viva la...