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The Christmas clear out – How Olive Press columnist Giles Brown spent the festive season

I HAVE always been keen on maintaining my Christmas traditions. Once again, I spent most of the Christmas and New Year period at the...

It’s a dog’s life in Spain!

I HAVE always been a cat person. With a lifestyle that is best described as erratic, cats,  with their independent outlook on life have...

Viva la Casita! Ten years of living off grid in the hills above Spain’s Costa del Sol

IT seems hard to believe but this month marks my tenth year of living at the Casita del Lago, a converted smallholders’ cottage on...

COLUMN: September scribblings on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Giles Brown muses on the end of summer, and admits a lost in translation moment. You can take a deep breath now. It’s September and...

Motor mayhem: It’s that time of year on Spain’s Costa del Sol

SUMMER has long been the time of year when driving niceties fly straight out of the near side window. The roads are full normally of...

SPANISH BEACH?: You can keep it

SUMMER is here and like the much maligned and misunderstood lemmings of popular folklore most of Spain flocks to the shoreline every summer August is...

This Sporting Life

ENGLAND may have missed out in the Euro 2020 final, but performances of Gareth Southgate's team have been described as one of the greatest...

Get thee to a sluttery

‘Hello to Jason Issacs’. If you recognise that greeting then you are most probably a member of The Church of Wittertainment, aka the considerable...

Back on the paper round: Delivering the news in Spain

WHILE the boffins in the economic think tanks point to various trends, graphs and assorted factors that life in Spain is returning to normal,...

Keeping it old school

BELIEVE it or not, I haven’t lived in Marbella all my life. Although some might say that I flopped onto a Marbella beach on...

Getting a grip: Accused of faking COVID is a low blow – even for Marbella!

It was the last caller that did it. I was into the final three minutes of ‘Viewpoint’, the live radio show that I host...

A trip to the hospital in Spain has turned Giles Brown into a bookworm with six pack abs and...

Spraining an ankle is not a training programme that I would recommend, but there is an upside!

Giles Brown sees his life flash before his eyes while go-karting on Spain’s Costa del Sol

I spent much of my childhood playing Scalextric in my bedroom as a small boy.

LOOK OF LUX: Giles Brown is an expert at picking out a face in a crowd, even in Spain’s...

“Basically, one of the things that attracts mosquitoes is if you are sexually active,” she said, looking straight at me

Giles Brown is more Christopher Biggins than Christopher Reeve as he learns to fly in southern Spain

While I didn’t soar like Superman, I didn’t bounce off the bottom of the wind tunnel in a crumpled heap

OPEN SEASON: Giles Brown puts up many a guest at his place, but draws the line at garden yurts

As one American guest, who didn’t stay long, famously remarked, ‘You see kids? This is what happens when a man lives alone’

OSP is not just a political party, writes Giles Brown, who has slowly watched the decline of San Pedro

IF you are a regular reader of my column, you will know that I have a problem with San Pedro de Alcantara. Before you all...

An idyllic cottage by the lake in Andalucia gave Giles Brown a bit more than he bargained for

'Lock your doors and windows', advised the Guardia Civil, 'there are desperate Italians on the loose'

Loud and Clear: The Costa del Sol Boar Wars have begun says Giles Brown

British expat Giles Brown is gearing up for the boar wars

Oh, Ambassador… you are spoiling us!

The Madrid event was certainly one to remember...

Giles Brown recalls his 1980s run-in with the Costa del Crime

AFTER the shocking San Pedro slaying of a suspected drug lord earlier this month, it seems Marbella could be heading back to the dark...

WINTER IS COMING: So you better wrap up or face the cold

It even snowed on the beach in Barcelona and I’m surprised that Carles Puigdemont didn’t blame that as some sort of underhand tactic by Madrid, ‘freezing out’ an independent Catalunya.

Turning 50 isn’t all doom and gloom, especially when you’re in Marbella

Perhaps a more conventional 50-year-old would have celebrated the event with a discreet gathering.

New Year resolutions: Finding time to maintain personal promises can be a drag

It’s the first month of 2018 and that cracking and dull thudding sound that you hear all around you is the unmistakable noise of people’s New Year resolutions breaking and hitting the ground.




Legal Requirements All Businesses Must Fulfill Before Starting to Operate on the Market

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their revenue. There are many strategies that have been used in the past to achieve this...


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