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Basque-t case? Ahead of local and regional elections, Madrid premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso focuses campaign on ETA

CITIZENS who are eligible to vote in the May 28 regional and local elections would be forgiven for expecting to hear the candidates debating...

No entry: Government minister stopped from attending parade at Madrid’s regional celebrations

THERE WERE extraordinary scenes at the Madrid region’s Dos de Mayo celebrations on Tuesday, as a regional protocol chief refused to let a government...

As regional elections approach, Madrid premier breaks ties with far-right Vox

WITH regional and local elections due to be held at the end of May, the Popular Party (PP) premier of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso,...

Madrid vice-premier, who earns nearly €105,000, is claiming heating benefits for ‘vulnerable consumers’ 

THE VICE-PREMIER of the Madrid regional government has come in for fierce criticism after it emerged that he has been claiming heating benefits meant...

Student groups claim ‘Israeli officer’ pulled out gun during protest at university in the Spanish capital

OFFICERS from Spain’s National Police force are investigating allegations that an Israeli officer brandished a firearm during a protest last week in Madrid’s Complutense...

Protestors come out in force on streets of Madrid to denounce regional government’s ‘dismantling’ of healthcare system

HUNDREDS of thousands of people came out to protest on the streets of Madrid today, to denounce what they called the ‘dismantling’ of the...

‘Fascists out,’ cry Madrid students over appointment of regional premier as distinguished alumni

HUNDREDS of students, professors and other staff at Madrid’s Complutense University came out to protest on Tuesday morning against the designation of the regional...

Pablo Casado: Leader of Spain’s conservative opposition party under mounting pressure to resign

THE leader of Spain’s main conservative opposition party looked set to resign after his supporters appeared to abandon him in droves. His role at the...

PROFILE: The rise and rise of Isabel Ayuso, the saint and saviour of Spain’s right

The foxy – or voxy lady – at thewhose version of “freedom” has the capital and the international community in her thrall

EXPLAINER: Left right, left right, centre, reverse – why Spain’s political landscape is in turmoil again

They say that a week is a long time in politics… And this week in Spain, that adage runs particularly true. Spain has seen an...




Full MARXA: MARXA Chiringuito holds its tasty inauguration party at SO/Sotogrande Spa & Golf Resort 

GIANT brochettes of beef, wild turbot and exquisite canapes marked the opening of one of the most exciting new restaurants in Sotogrande for years. Hundreds...


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