THE REGIONAL premier of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, was taken to hospital and underwent surgery on Tuesday after suffering a miscarriage. A brief statement about the incident from the regional government explained that she was eight weeks into the pregnancy, which had not been officially announced. 

The pregnancy of Ayuso, who is 44, was considered high-risk as are all such pregnancies in women above the age of 35. 

Ayuso, of the conservative Popular Party (PP), has missed several engagements over the last few days due to her condition. 

The regional premier is currently in a relationship with a 43-year-old healthcare professional called Alberto Gonzalez. Ayuso has repeatedly voiced her desire to have children. 

Politicians from all sides of the political spectrum rushed to voice their support for Ayuso via social media. The mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida of the PP, sent his ‘support and affection’ via Twitter, adding that he was ‘sure that your bravery, strength and faith will help you in this moment of pain’.

Ayuso became the premier of Madrid in 2019, and on May 28 was voted back into the position with a majority at the regional elections. During the pandemic she was often in the headlines for her fierce opposition to the Covid-19 restrictions that were put in place by the Socialist Party-run central government.

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