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PP fails in bid to overturn wolf hunting ban in Spain

A BID to overturn Spain’s wolf hunting ban by Spain’s conservative opposition party has been rejected by parliament. The Popular Party (PP), supported by several...

LATEST: Embattled PP leader Pablo Casado bows out of Spain’s parliament 

THE embattled leader of Spain’s conservation opposition party bade farewell to parliament on Wednesday and made his exit to a round of applause. Pablo Casado...

Power struggle: Bitter row erupts between Spain’s conservative Popular Party leaders Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Pablo Casado

MADRID’s conservative regional premier has accused the leader of her own party of plotting to destroy her in a bitter row at the top...

Spanish court hands jail sentence to ex-treasurer Luis Barcenas for using slush fund to pay for refurb at Popular...

SPAIN’S National court has handed down a two-year prison term to the former treasurer of Spain’s conservative party for using illicit funds to pay...

Benidorm politician slams Spanish government for ‘scaring tourists away’ with two-week quarantine for international travellers

TOURISM spokesman for the Partido Popular Agustin Almodobar has accused the Spanish government of 'scaring away' tourists. It comes after a two-week quarantine was...

FOUR MORE YEARS? Mariano Rajoy will seek third term as Spain’s prime minister

MARIANO Rajoy will run for prime minister again. The current Spain leader made the announcement during a radio interview this week, but said there were...

Spanish city bans ‘flaming bull’ runs citing animal cruelty

Funding for bull runs and bullfighting schools have also been cut

Spain enroute to new election as parties rule out last-minute deal

The King is still set to meet with the parties next week

Spain’s political deadlock continues after three-way party meeting fails

Podemos demands proved too much for opposing delegates

Is it over for Mariano Rajoy?

Rajoy has been unable to come to terms with the fact that he is the obstacle for a successful coalition

Pedro Sanchez ‘ready’ for government following talks with King Felipe VI

PSOE leader prepared to talk to PP, but attacks Rajoy for faling to 'negotiate'

Former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar defends Iraq war

Ex-leader writes letter claiming 'Spain came out a winner' over war

Cadiz mayor in battle with Mariano Rajoy over new bridge

José María González claimed the town hall hadn’t been officially informed of Thursday’s official opening of the 1812 Constitution Bridge

Luis Barcenas scandal subject of new film out this month

PP court case to hit big screen

Spain’s PP leading the polls four months ahead of general election

New numbers show the PP with a clear lead over other parties

Annual Tomatina festival surrounded by corruption accusations

The famous tomato party has been challenged by the Popular Party

End of the line for AVE high speed rail link between Sevilla and Malaga

Politicians slam a 'ridiculous' short-sighted decision to scrap the high speed rail line. By Giles Brown

Gurtel ringleaders refuse to testify before High Court

The five year Gurtel/Barcenas investigation has hit another wall, with Francisco Correa citing a 'loss of trust'

Spanish women will seek illegal abortions or go abroad

A survey found 62% of those who have had an abortion in the last four months would still do so via other means under proposed restrictions

Spain takes a ‘step backwards’ in curbing powers of judges

Spanish MPs curb the powers of judges to pursue foreign human rights cases

Spanish Government bans party donations from companies

The government is pushing plans for more transparent party funding in light of the Barcenas case

The Gurtel/Barcenas case: The story so far

The biggest political corruption scandal Europe has seen is now five years old, Tom Powell tells the story so far

Former treasurer to sue PP for ‘unfair dismissal’

Luis Barcenas has filed a lawsuit against his former party claiming he was only sacked when the 'slush-fund' ledgers were published

‘Bárcenas’ secret papers’ obtained from El País as part of ongoing investigation into alleged Popular Party corruption

Editor-in-chief hands over documents after being satisfied source will remain anonymous





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