Friday, September 18, 2020
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WE’VE GOT THE POWER: Dozens of expats fill up the ballot lists for vital local elections in Spain’s Andalucia

All around Andalucia, Brits, Scandinavians and other northern Europeans have thrown their hats in the ring

British expat becomes first ever foreign councillor in Manilva

British expat Dean Tyler Shelton is ‘over the moon’ after he was voted in as a councillor in the May 24 local elections

Spain’s local elections: OUR turn to make a difference

In this country full of nepotic town halls and scandal-ridden politicians, the time is ripe for a new dawn

Local election special: The ins and outs of the May 24 vote

As politicians up and down the country are gearing up for battle at the ballot boxes in May 24’s local and regional elections, Rob Horgan examines how the X-factor could play out on voting slips along the Costa del Sol and beyond

Meet the expats standing in the upcoming local elections

THE expat vote could have X-Factor repercussions in town halls up and down Spain, raising foreigners themselves to the hot seats of power. With the...

PP spend more on local election campaigns than all other parties put together

PP party budget stretches to a huge €20.5 million

Anti-Europe UKIP party takes seats in British local elections

Early results indicate European Parliament elections could go the same way

To vote, or not to vote…

It's the municipal elections in Spain today. Our blogger Charlotte Hanson is off to cast her vote at the polling station. Are you?

Expat voting troubles

Partido Popular highlights expat difficulties in voter registration