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Scrapping wealth tax, no commitment to pension rises, and an end to the ‘Iberian exception’: The Popular Party lays...

The conservative Popular Party (PP), which is predicted in the polls to win the upcoming general election on July 23, has this week made...

Spanish government agrees to increase minimum wage by 8% for 2023

The Spanish government has decided to increase the minimum wage by 8% for 2023. The raise will mean about 2.5 million low/salary workers will receive...

Spain raises minimum wage, in move that could benefit 2.5 million people

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Tuesday that his government would once again raise the national minimum wage, the fifth time his Socialist...

Spain’s new national minimum wage rises to exactly €14,000 per year

THE national minimum wage in Spain has gone up to €1,000 per month, with the rise backdated to January 1. An agreement was reached between...

Spanish government proposes raising minimum wage to €13,944 per year

THE Spanish government has proposed increasing the minimum salary to €13,944 a year, or €996 per month if paid in the traditional 14 installments. The...

Pedro Sanchez promises ‘immediate’ minimum wage rise for workers in Spain

SPAIN'S government is looking for an 'immediate' increase in the minimum wage to protect workers from rises in inflation. Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, made the...

Gibraltar budget 2021 confirms 2.5% corporate tax increase

CORPORATE tax will be increased to 12.5% in Gibraltar following a ‘revenue wrecking’ pandemic. In July’s 2021 Budget speech, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced a...

Spain’s minimum wage set to rise so long as current economic growth is sustained

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy reached an agreement with trade unions to raise the minimum wage by 28.4 euros more a month in 2018, which means by 2019 it will rise to 773 euros a month and 850 euros by 2020.

A raise in minimum wage on the horizon

AN agreement to raise the minimum wage next year is likely to take place tonight (Tuesday) at 5pm. The meeting between the Minister of Employment,...

Thousands protest in Malaga for fairer working conditions

'There are no excuses' was the slogan of this year's Malaga march




Teenage youths in mass fight brandishing machetes and knives as horrified parents look on at junior soccer match in...

A FIGHT in a football stand between teenage groups forced police to suspend a match in Javea on Saturday, with two boys arrested and...

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