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Spain’s Supreme Court backs sentence reductions for sex offenders under ‘only yes means yes’ law

THE SUPREME COURT has ratified the decisions of lower tribunals to reduce the prison sentences of some convicted sex offenders after the Spanish government’s...

Spain’s Socialist Party wins approval for reforms to controversial consent law, deepening split with coalition partners

LAWMAKERS in Spain’s lower house of parliament, the Congress of Deputies, today voted in favour of reforms to the controversial ‘only yes means yes’...

Spain’s prime minister says sorry for new consent law that has seen sex offenders released from jail early

SPAIN’S prime minister Pedro Sanchez has used an interview with Spanish newspapers to apologise for the unexpected effects of a new consent law, which...

Number of sex offenders released early under Spain’s ‘yes means yes’ consent law now exceeds 100

THE NUMBER of convicted sex offenders who have secured early release from prison thanks to a controversial new consent law has now passed the...

No means no: Row in Spain’s government over controversial consent law rumbles on

ONGOING divisions in Spain’s coalition government over a controversial law covering consent show no sign of healing. On Monday, the Socialist Party (PSOE) made...

Spain’s controversial consent law sees 721 sex offenders’ sentences reduced and 74 get early release

SPAIN’S legal watchdog has revealed the first official number of sex offenders who have benefitted from the government’s controversial ‘only yes means yes’ consent...

Minister in Spain laughs off accusations that government is ‘legalising bestiality’

SOCIAL RIGHTS Minister Ione Belarra has laughed off accusations that the Spanish government is ‘decriminalising bestiality’.  The leader of the leftist Podemos party said during...

Poll: 22% of women in Spain say they have been sexually assaulted 

NEARLY 22% of women in Spain say they have suffered some kind of sexual assault during their lives. That’s a total of 3.5 million...

Spain’s Socialist Party bows to pressure and will propose changes to controversial ‘only yes means yes’ law

AFTER months of political pressure, the governing Socialist Party (PSOE) has announced that it will present changes to the new ‘only yes means yes’...

Convicted sex offenders who have seen sentences reduced under Spain’s ‘only yes means yes’ law now number 50

SOME 50 convicted sex offenders have had their sentences reduced under Spain’s controversial ‘only yes means yes’ law, which was designed to put consent...

Spain’s Equality Minister sparks outrage in Congress, accusing PP of ‘promoting rape culture’

SPAIN’S Congress of Deputies was once again witness to scenes of extreme political tension on Wednesday, as Equality Minister Irene Montero went on the...

Taxi driver who raped British tourist on Costa del Sol sentenced to seven years in prison

He claimed the victim, who was drunk at the time, 'asked for more' yet injuries she sustained proved how she had been attacked




Spain slammed for being the European country with more dolphins in captivity 

Environmentalists have exposed Spain as the European country with the largest number of dolphins in captivity.  NGO World Animal Protection slams the Mediterranean country for...


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