SPAIN’S National Police released more information on Saturday about the circumstances surrounding an alleged sexual assault carried out by a group of six German tourists on the Balearic Island of Palma de Mallorca. 

The young men, aged between 21 and 23, were arrested on Friday after an 18-year-old German woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by the group in a hotel in the tourist area Playa de Palma, in the capital of the island. 

The incident was apparently recorded on a cellphone by one of the suspects, according to the police. 

Officers told Spanish news media that they had seized the phones of the men and had located the recording in question.

On Saturday the group was taken before a court to make statements. Five of the six men were still being held in custody while a sixth was released. It was not clear on Saturday whether or not the latter suspect is facing any charges.

“The facts of the case took place in the early hours of Thursday morning in a hotel on Playa de Palma,” a statement from the police read. The police were notified that a young German woman in the area was reporting having been sexually assaulted by a group of tourists. 

The alleged victim reportedly tried to access the hotel room of a young man that she had met that night, but they were refused entry. At that point they went instead to the hotel ‘where a number of friends of the boy were staying’.

The police statement added that once in one of the hotel bedrooms, five friends of the young man turned up. 

“Four of them forced the victim to have sexual relations,” the police stated. 

The victim then took refuge in the hotel room bathroom until one of the young men could calm her down and convince her to return to the hotel where her friends were staying. 

“With the help of staff from the hotel, the six youngsters who had allegedly taken part in the sexual assault were located and arrested,” the National Police stated.

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