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Spain’s equality minister left in tears after sexist comments made in Congress by far-right Vox

SPAIN’S Equality Minister Irene Montero was left in tears on Wednesday after once again being attacked in the Congress of Deputies by opposition politicians....

Explainer: Why Spain’s ‘only yes means yes’ consent law is seeing convicted sex abusers freed from jail

THIS week it emerged that Spain’s new ‘only yes means yes’ law, which is aimed at putting consent at the centre of sexual abuse...

Spain’s government proposes changes to sedition law used to prosecute Catalan independence leaders

THE SPANISH government today proposed a change to the law that would mean a lower prison sentence for former Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont should...

Spanish government sets its sights on Franco-era figures buried in Toledo for next exhumations

SOURCES from the Spanish government have confirmed to reporters that they are already studying the next exhumations of Franco-era military figures, after three coffins...

Amnesty International report calls on Spanish government to ban rubber bullets 

THE LATEST report from Amnesty International on Spain is calling for the government to ban the use by police of rubber bullets, which it...

Spain’s Socialist Party files amendments to planned ‘Trans Law’, risking delay to bill

SPAIN’S governing Socialist Party is planning to file 16 amendments to the draft “Trans Law”, despite having supported the new legislation since its inception...

Explainer: How much is Spain’s prime minister paid, and how does it compare to other politicians’ pay?

THE current coalition government is run by the Socialist Party and junior partner Unidas Podemos. Next year, according to the 2023 budget, the politicians...

Spain’s prime minister announces more measures aimed at combating energy crisis

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday announced more measures aimed at easing the burden of energy bills, a move that is due to...

Explainer: What will be the effects of Spain’s new Democratic Memory Law?

EARLIER this month, the Socialist Party-led central government approved a new piece of legislation: the Democratic Memory Law. The legislation passed with 128 votes...

Explainer: What measures does the Spanish government’s 2023 budget contain?

THE Socialist Party-led national government in Spain today announced its budget plans for 2023, which will be the last year before the next general...

Spain’s political deadlock continues after three-way party meeting fails

Podemos demands proved too much for opposing delegates

Spain’s PP leading the polls four months ahead of general election

New numbers show the PP with a clear lead over other parties





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