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UK court rejects Toni Muldoon gang appeals

Muldoon and his gang co-opted a multi-national escort and debt recovery scam

Expat fraudster’s yacht up for sale in confiscated goods auction

Jailed Toni Muldoon's colourful 11-metre 'Caribbean Lady' is up for grabs in an auction of confiscated property

Continually breaking boilers

The Olive Press has a history of exposing and fighting boiler room crime

Costa conman Toni Muldoon and scam gang jailed in UK

Muldoon was told by judge Rupert Overbury at Ipswich Crown Court that he was a "thoroughly dishonest, manipulative and mean individual"

Three members of Toni Muldoon’s Costa gang found guilty

Judge tells trio that jail sentences are 'inevitable' over €6.6 million scam

Former Mijas home of Toni Muldoon re-opens as swingers venue

Dubbed ‘a stain on paradise’ the former costa palace of fraudster Toni Muldoon opens again as a wife-swapping venue

Costa conman Toni Muldoon ‘aggressive’ and ‘bullying’

Fraud king Muldoon was ‘aggressive’ and ‘bullying’ and ran his business with a climate of fear

Timeshare Toni finally goes on trial

Expat accused of taking €6.6 million in scams along with five other Costa based accomplices

Toni Muldoon faces fraud charges

Timeshare entrepreneur will appear before a judge in the UK today

Toni Muldoon appears before magistrates charged with alleged multi-million euro fraud

The timeshare entrepreneur is linked to internet escort and debt elimination schemes

Toni Muldoon to appear in court

Former timeshare entrepreneur extradited to the UK to face fraud and money laundering charges

A stain on paradise

Neighbours and victims overjoyed as Toni Muldoon arrested over a €6 million money-laundering fraud

The good, the bad and the ugly – Expat 100 Categories

(41-100) The final 60 have made a great impact in their fields by helping to invigorate, promote or bring economic benefit to Andalucia, even if sometimes via unorthodox means

Timeshare Toni defiant amid claims he’s fleeing Spain

Costa crook Toni Muldoon rumoured to be selling up and heading to Eastern Europe

Costa del Sol conman moves on

Toni Muldoon is rumoured to have gone to Turkey

Justice at last in Spain

Timeshare Toni gets prison sentence

Is time running out for timeshare Toni?

Toni Muldoon linked to six million euro fake escort scam





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