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SAVE OUR TREES: Residents of central Madrid neighbourhood protest against the felling of thousands of trees in their streets 

HUNDREDS of residents are protesting every week against the felling of thousands of trees in a central Madrid neighbourhood.  ‘Metro si pero no asi’ (Yes...

Madrid regional government puts tree-felling on hold after protest against new Metro stop

AFTER THOUSANDS of people came out to protest on Saturday, the Madrid regional government has put a Metro expansion plan on hold that would...

Protestors come out in force in Spanish capital in bid to save trees and play park from Metro expansion...

MORE THAN a thousand people came out to protest in the Spanish capital on Saturday, against a Metro expansion plan that will see the...

IN PICTURES: If trees could talk then these 10 amazing trees in Spain would have some tales to tell

TREES are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in our world and Spain has its fair share of truly exceptional ones. The Olive Press...

Madrid, Barcelona promise to plant millions of new trees to reduce carbon emissions

A new study shows how many trees will need to be planted in two of Spain’s biggest cities if they are to reduce their...
Jane Jewson Trees

Residents mount anti-tree felling campaign in Spain’s Casares Costa

RESIDENTS of Casares Costa are dismayed after the sudden and unannounced felling of twenty eucalyptus trees in the woodland area next to the Restaurante...

Ten of the most amazing and interesting trees to visit in Spain

TREES are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in our world and Spain has its fair share of truly exceptional ones. The Olive Press...

Madrid plans ‘urban forest’ to reduce pollution and combat climate change

MADRID has unveiled plans to create a ‘green belt’ of forest around Spain’s capital in a bid to combat climate change and reduce pollution. The...

WELCOME TO TREE CITY: Valencia’s Gandia earns international award for its trees and gardens

GANDIA has been officially named ‘Tree City of the World’ by the United Nations (UN). The capital of La Safor district (Valencia Province) currently has...

THESE streets on Spain’s Costa del Sol are having €100,000 worth of new trees planted

The first part of the development will be to conduct a report into trees’ overall health, as well as their structural stability

Loggers floored by pine fines

271 trees were chopped down illegally in Mijas

Poo and pruning time in Spain

He knows his onions! Peter Langdale offers advice on gardening in the new year

Tree win

Cherry plums will be placed in Alameda Square in Coin after residents voted on which tree to use.

Red palm weevil alert

Palm trees across Andalucia are threatened by the unabated spread of the red weevil

A new meaning for the word ‘special branch’

Farmers banned from planting new orchards in 16 towns in case they interfere with planes

Money growing on trees in Andalucia?

Over 300 avocado trees have been stolen in the past month

Wood you believe it?!

Catalan prisoners now using “wasted energy” to clear up storm-ravaged forests




Zara founder and Spain’s richest man Armancio Ortega at loggerheads with owners of historic Glasgow restaurant over astronomical repair...

SPAIN’S richest man has been attracting the scorn of Scotsmen after being blamed for water leaks that have caused catastrophic damage to a beloved...


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