CATALAN prisoners are repaying their debt to society by clearing up the fallen wood caused by damaging storms.

More than 500 jailbirds are now putting their “wasted energy” to good use as they aid the clean-up operations in Cataluna’s forests.

Environmental experts confirmed that the collected wood, after treatment, can then be used as biomass and burnt to produce energy.

“It is a real bonus for prisoners to be allowed back onto the streets,” said Montserrat Tura, Justice Advisor, in Barcelona.

The convicts receive a 400-euro monthly salary for a four-day working week and also receive training regarding how to remove wood dampness.

Despite the average jail sentence of the inmates standing at seven years, not one prisoner has tried to escape so far.

“Currently there are 500 working, but there are another 4000 wanting to do the same work,” added Tura.

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