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Billion-euro babe

Zara heiress started life stocking shelves in her father's store

Hammer horror show for Lee

Notorious horror actor Sir Christopher Lee is being forced into a huge payout

Holy war outside Cordoba’s former Great Mosque

Muslim prayers breach ancient Catholic ban, sparking a fracas

Costa del Sol raids over Brit car crime

Suspected British car thieves have been arrested after a series of raids

Franco’s females

Franco victims are set to receive compensation from the Junta

Drink driving death

Two women die after being hit by a driver over the alcohol limit

Save our beach

El Palmar beach under threat by plans to build a massive hotel complex

Back for the Holy Grail

Former Monty Python star Terry Gilliam is relaunching his failed Don Quixote film after ten years

Meet the secret motor that drives Fernando Alonso

Unruffled by pit-stop competition from the likes of Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, the F1 star’s glamorous wife is happy to stay on the hard shoulder

Wood you believe it?!

Catalan prisoners now using “wasted energy” to clear up storm-ravaged forests

It’s a fair cop!

Bumbling Guardia Civil officer caught after armed bank raid

Red tuna reaches crisis point

World conference set to debate the future of a species now in grave danger of extinction

Bird route nestles in the Genal valley

A multi-million euro tourist project unveils a new bird route

Drumming up a storm

Baena is a town famous for its olive oil, but during Semana Santa its quiet streets take on an altogether different aspect as thousands of drummers pick up their sticks. By Helen Hartstein

The peacocks that keep me up all night!

EXCLUSIVE: Pensioner reveals 24-hour noise torture by squawking birds

Demolition delay

An appeal against the Albox demolitions has been accepted, delaying demoliton dates

Marbella corpse found in car boot

Police are trying to find the identity of the pensioner and why he died

Bring him to book

War on publisher rages as Chris Stewart and other leading expat authors launch action over unpaid royalties

Chiclana protest success

At least 5000 protesters marched through Chiclana to protest against legalisation charges

Kicked in the teeth

EXCLUSIVE: Ripped off by builders, stitched up by lawyers, fined 100,000 euros by the Junta and now their homes wrecked by the weather. Welcome to another sorry saga in Spain

Capital link threat

Airline uncertainty has cast a shadow on Gibraltar's direct flight to Madrid

Costa del Sol cuts

Hotels on the costa have cut jobs by almost one-fifth in the past year

The return of Zorro

Antonio Banderas is coming home to Malaga for his annual role in the Easter celebrations

Hit and run attack on Belgian diplomat

British man injures politician after driving his car into the ambassador

The great insurance fiddle

EXCLUSIVE: Scores of flood victims in Andalucia are set to receive nothing from companies

All in the same boat

It is the great insurance swindle... After the heaviest rains on record in southern Spain, the majority of flood sufferers are apparently not covered. How can this be? Andrew Pearce discovered half a dozen Olive Press readers in the same boat




WATCH: ‘We don’t want them to ever return to Lloret de Mar’: Boozy Brit tourism company BANNED from Spanish...

A THREE-DAY party extravaganza organised by a British tour company ended in violent knife fights and multiple arrests in a resort town on the...

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