DEMOLITION dates for the nine Almeria homes facing destruction by the Junta have been put back pending an appeal.

Initially due to be knocked down on April 9 the British pensioners will now finally be able to defend themselves.

The group were slapped with orders last Christmas eve without knowing their homes were declared illegal in their absence.

The licences were issued eight years ago by the local council but they had no Junta approval.

The ‘Albox Nine’ have been through a huge ordeal with Terry Haycock suffering temporary blindness and facial paralysis, brought on by the stress of lving under the axe.

Homeowner John Burns, 82 has also suffered a hernia and his wife Muriel, 70, has had a nervous breakdown.


  1. I have been watching this terrible situation over the last couple of years and feel so deeply for the people concerned. I have only just read the article above citing the illnesses of some of the pensioners having to live under this cloud of dread and uncertainty. I cannot believe that no one either from the UK or from the European Community can step in and avert this. Surely someone can stand up and say that what the Spanish government are doing is wrong. There is much talk of solidarity from the Spanish people, I do not live in Spain so I am only cheered to hear this, but I have sent letters to British publications calling for the British to boycott Spain until they drop these threats of demolition once and for all. There are plenty of other countries for holiday makers and my advice to all British people is to go elsewhere. Do not contribute to an economy that has scant regard for the wellbeing of its citizens. I really hope this temporary reprieve is extended. With best wishes… thinking of you… Gill Roberts

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