THOUSANDS face being left high and dry as insurance companies try to squirm out of compensation payments over the recent floods.

Despite enduring Andalucia’s wettest winter since records began, scores of customers have told the Olive Press that they are being refused damages.

One flood victim – who is now left facing up to a four-foot square hole in his roof – told how his insurance company will not pay out because his home is ‘too old’.

Stephen Myhill, from Estepona, claims that BanSabadell Seguros Generales, is using the defence that, if a building is more than ten years old, it is not covered.

The 64-year-old explained: “They told me that because all buildings more than a decade old were so badly built, they are not entitled to compensation.

“What was the point in insuring?”

Many other people have also fallen foul of the clause that pay outs are only made if there is evidence that a benchmark level of rainfall fell.

Philip Jordan, from Fuentes de Andalucia, near Sevilla, needs to prove that 40 litres per metre squared fell, during just one hour, before his claim is accepted.

The retired builder is at a loss as to how this specific amount can be proven.

Jordan, 65, explained: “If I had known then I would never have signed up for this in the first place.”

And retired Patrick and Angie Copp, from Jimena, have been told they will not receive a centimo of compensation because of their “poorly maintained” roof.

“It really is humiliating as we have always taken so much pride in our home,” says Angie, 66.


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  1. Same happened to us in 2002. We were told by our spanish insurance company after we made a claim for a roof collapse due to heavy rain that “we don’t insure old houses” regardless of the fact they had been taking our premiums. Now we dont bother.

  2. I sympathise with all those who are trying for compansation from their insurance companies. We have the same problem,
    with Groupama, having suffered damage to our property on 15th February. The damage to our property is estimated at around 30,000 euros.
    Bancaja in Marbella arranged the insurance when we took out a mortgage with them. They never gave us an option to arrange our own insurance cover and in our case I feel we have a case against the bank. However when we approached the bank they cared not one iota. Needless to say Groupama will not be compensating us either because it did’nt rain enough.


  3. This lack of action by Insurance companies will cost them dear in the long run. Better to save some money for a rainy day than give it to an insurance company to pocket. I will be asking very detailed questions before I renew my policy next time if at all.

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