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Man who shot at passers-by with shotgun from his house is arrested in Spain’s Andalucia

The shooter’s victims were hit in the shoulder, arm and back during the attacks

Priest in Spain’s Andalucia slammed for blasphemy after inviting British vicar to take holy communion

"I am very repentant. I ask for forgiveness from God and the Church," he said

Parents in Spain’s Malaga lash out at library’s ‘absurd’ child ban

Parents in one of Malaga’s poorest districts say the measure punishes children who want to better themselves.

City in Spain’s Andalucia bans weddings outside of office hours

Town hall officials have also forbidden weddings from taking place anywhere but the City Hall, Palacio de Mondragon and Covent of Santo Domingo.

Man in barrel sets sail from Spain in three-month bid to reach Caribbean using ONLY ocean currents

DAREDEVIL: The crazy Frenchman atop his wooden barrel, which he will use to cross the Atlantic A DARING...