Thursday, February 2, 2023
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WATCH: Only sperm whale nursery in Spanish Mediterranean discovered in north Menorca

THE only sperm whale breeding ground in the Spanish Mediterranean has been discovered north of Menorca. For the last two years a higher than normal...

Ingestion of plastics possible cause of death of whale washed up in Spain’s Estepona, expert says

THE massive whale which was found dead last week in Estepona may have died as a result of ingesting plastic, an expert has revealed. The...

Massive whale beaches itself in Estepona in the south of Spain

SPANISH animal experts said on Thursday they were preparing to conduct an autopsy on a 12-metre-long whale that died after getting stranded at the...

Lost and severely malnourished Pacific whale spotted on Spain’s Mallorca coast

The whale, named Wally by environmentalists, usually lives on the coast of Korea or the United States, but has been lost for weeks in the Mediterranean

Dead blue whale found floating in Marbella

The animal has been taken to experts at CREMA Aula del Mar de Malaga, where scientists will analyse the carcass

Whale killed by ingesting rubbish found off Spanish coast

MAN-made rubbish - including a drum - has caused the death of a whale found off a Spanish coast. The young sperm whale, discovered near...

New whale corridor between Balearics and Catalunya will help preserve species

Known as the Corridor of the Mediterranean, the area will also help protect sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins and the loggerhead turtle as well as various species’ of bird.

Animal rights activists protest over whale treatment at Tenerife marine park

The park houses six orcas, four on loan from America’s SeaWorld, one born in captivity and one given over by Dutch authorities

Baby whale found dead on Cadiz beach

Marine biologists are investigating the death of the young animal

Whale watching in Tarifa

A fantastic place for a fun and environmentally friendly day out

Free Morgan

A legal battle to release the killer whale was lost




Protests break out after Spain’s latest gender-based violence saw a woman allegedly killed by her husband in La Linea...

Protestors gathered today to express their disgust over the latest case of gender-based violence to rock Spain with the murder of a woman in...


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