A LOST and severly malnourished whale from the northern pacific has been seen in the waters surrounding Mallorca.

The whale, named as Wally by environmentalists, usually lives on the coast of Korea or the United States, but has been lost for weeks in the Mediterranean and in recent weeks, has been spotted numerous times.

Scientists have been following the two-year-old, eight-metre marine mammal since April 4, with his erratic pilgrimage starting in Algeria, along the coasts of Italy, around the south of France, then onto the Valencian coast and finally, entering the Balearic waters – first around Ibiza and then to Mallorca. 

Yesterday he was seen in Santa Ponsa, moving on to the bay of Palma today.

In an interview with El Mundo, Txema Brotons, biologist and director of the Tursiops Association said: “He is emaciated and very weakened by a lack of food.” 

He continued to explain that Wally likely got lost during his migratory route and became disoriented, losing his family group. 

“This poor creature is alone and too far away from home,” said Brotons.

Now in the Balearic waters, the Maritime Rescue group are trying to keep the whale calm and away from the curious, also evaluating the next steps in the best interests of Wally.

They describe his condition as ‘critical’ and tragically, that he is now in the terminal phase of his life.

Researchers from the Oceanografic Valencia, who are also tracking the whale in Mallorca, have the equipment to euthanise the animal, although they say that this technique is very risky to carry out in the sea and with an animal of this size.

If Wally does however wash up on the beach, they say they would intervene quickly to ensure that he does not suffer.

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