VOX launched a blistering attack on Rocío Ruiza after she promised to welcome young migrants to Andalusia. 

The region’s Minister of Equality told the Andalusian Parliament earlier this week that the Junta was doing their best to help ‘vulnerable minors’ travelling to Spain from Morocco, adding ‘we will be here, waiting for them’.

But the Vox party have hit out at the minister’s comments and called for her to resign. 

In a tweet issued by the Vox Parliamentary Group in the Andalusian Chamber, Santiago Abascal’s party, now led by Manuel Gavira from Cádiz , the party requested Minister Ruiz to step down and accused her of ‘promoting the effect called by saying that Andalusia expects the arrival of the Menas who have invaded Ceuta’. 

At the national level, Vox warned the Junta de Andalucía that it will stop supporting the government of PP and Cs if any of the minors who have occupied Ceuta since Monday arrive in Andalusia. “If they take them to Andalusia, we will stop supporting that Government,” they said. 

Vox spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament, Manuel Gavira also lashed out at the Government of Spain, slamming them for ‘surrendering the southern border’. 

He said that Andalusia is ‘about to suffer an invasion’ of citizens from Morocco and urged the president Juanma Moreno ‘to be prepared’. 

It comes shortly after leading Spanish politicians have filed complaints about misleading billboards from the far-right Vox party.

The posters falsely claim that unaccompanied child migrants are getting over ten times as much money as pensioners.

The billboards appeared in Madrid and many have been defaced or had anti-Vox messages stuck or written on them.

Two cabinet ministers from the left-wing Unidas Podemos party say that the billboard messages are a hate crime.

They have been joined by the PSOE socialists, led by Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, in filing complaints.

Madrid’s provincial prosecutor has now opened a formal investigation.

The posters popped up in a Madrid subway station and said that unaccompanied foreign migrant children received ‘€4,700 a month’, while ‘your grandmother’s pension’ was only ‘€426 a month’.

The claims have sparked a major political storm across Spain.

Podemos member and Social Affairs Minister, Ione Belarra, said: “The poster is an absolute criminalisation of the boys and girls who migrate alone.”

Spain’s leading Catholic charity Caritas as well as Save the Children and UNICEF also attacked the poster in a joint statement and asked Madrid’s electoral board to investigate if Vox broke the law.

Most of state money spent on underage unaccompanied children in Spain do not go to the migrants themselves, but to organisations that work in various reception programmes.

“There is no office that gives minors arriving without a guardian €4,700 to spend on whatever they want,” a source at the Madrid Department of Social Policy and Family Affairs told the El Pais newspaper.



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