THE Olive Press has been singled out as ‘the best’ English-language publication in southern Spain, by the prestigious Rough Guides group.

The latest version of the comprehensive guide to Andalucia – now in its sixth edition – praises the paper for both its campaigning and content.

In its media section on the region it writes that ‘the best of the bunch is the Olive Press, a fortnightly paper which often campaigns on local and regional issues.’

The Olive Press meanwhile got a series of mentions in the UK papers last week.

Apart from a number of Irish papers following up on our incisive story on the sad and lonely life of missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick (see front page), we got a mention in the Financial Times.

It came in an article written by journalist Mark Jones, who earlier this year won a controversial 50,000 euro prize from Torremolinos town hall for promoting the resort in the British Airways High Life magazine.

The Olive Press meanwhile got a series of mentions in the UK papers last week”.

Jones wrote: “The prize has got quite a debate going, not least among the large British population in southern Spain.”

“Torremolinos is about as authentic as McDonald’s,” said one blogger.

“The editor of the Olive Press, a campaigning English paper, came to my aid: “It’s a wonderful town,” he wrote. “Scratch away at the shallow surface of euro-a-pint bars and all-day English breakfasts, and you have a damn fine place to visit with fine Spanish, non-pretentious places to drink and eat.”

But, as our readers already know, the Olive Press does not believe in stereotypes.