Horse owner sued

LAST UPDATED: 10 Mar, 2010 @ 18:37
Horse owner sued

A STABLE owner, who failed to prevent dozens of horses from drowning on his farm, is being taken to court.

Alhaurin de la Torre town hall is suing the Spanish owner, after being forced to hire a company to dispose of the carcasses.

Up to 26 horses died along with numerous dogs, goats and ponies at the Santa Amalia stables when the Rio Guadalhorce burst its banks last month.

It has since been revealed that the stables were built illegally on the floodplain.

Horse charity, CYD Santa Maria, criticised the Junta for not heeding its warnings about the dangers horses faced.

“The Junta’s Agricultural Department failed to take action to improve the situation,” Virgina Solera told the Olive Press.

The land is designated as a no-building zone as it is dangerous flood plain.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Cartama, which also suffered disastrous floods, has over 700 houses believed to be built on flood zones.

The Diputacion de Malaga believes a total of nearly 1,000 homes around the Rio Guadalhorce are at risk, and will submit its findings to the Junta.


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