Libyans targeted by Spanish-made cluster bombs

LAST UPDATED: 1 May, 2011 @ 22:24
Libyans targeted by Spanish-made cluster bombs

DEADLY Spanish-made cluster bombs are being used against civilian targets by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya.

The controversial munitions were banned under an international treaty in 2008, but are understood to be in use in the rebel city of Misrata.

Spain has not exported cluster bombs since before the treaty was signed, although two Spanish companies, Expal and Instalaza, both made the weapons until the ban.

Official statistics show that Spain exported arms to Libya in 2008 worth 3.8 million euros, in the categories of “bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles.”


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  1. Thank you for about the Spanish production of the outlawed cluster bombs. I remember reading that the Bush regime sold or gave cluster bombs to Israel, who used thousands of them against the Lebanonese people several years ago.

    By the way, why must you clutter up your website with right-wing propaganda from rand paul? He is a Republican fascist. I thought that Spain had turned their back on fascists.