‘Global symbol’ Garzon should be reinstated, say European magistrates

LAST UPDATED: 25 May, 2012 @ 12:08
‘Global symbol’ Garzon should be reinstated, say European magistrates

JUDGES from 11 European countries have come forward to demand Baltasar Garzon be allowed back on the bench.

In Febuary the controversial Spanish ‘superjudge’ was banned for 11 years after being found guilty of illegal phone-tapping by the Supreme Court in Madrid.

Now the Association of European Magistrates for Democracy and Freedom (Medel) has presented a petition to the Spanish Ministry of
Justice stating the ruling was ‘extraordinary, indiscriminate and completely disproportionate’.

Representing 15,000 lawyers, the association highlighted 56-year-old Garzon’s ‘overwhelming’ service in tackling terrorism, drug trafficking and crimes against humanity’.

“Garzon is not just a Spanish judge but a European symbol, a global symbol,” said Antonio Cluny, Medel’s president.


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  1. Garzon should NOT be back on the bench..
    he SHOULD be PM of Spain, or the President of the EU, or even of the USA _ his birth certificate equals “usa as shown” – the Taxpayers NEED an honest, fighter to uphold their rights for ones who “pay the bills”. Just LOOK at ones we have now! .. 4 day weekends with “friend in P Banus, majors innumerate indicted for corruption, etc. Lawyers…too.
    And some boob in government THINKS that foreigners will “Buy properties SECURELY” in Spain – nlegally? Official- Please add your name/address & Abogado Tel/Fax for Suit.